Can we get a tour of the studio?
Of course. Email is easiest, so simply reach out to us via email to schedule a visit.

Can we break up the day rate over two days?
We get asked this a lot. The simple answer: No, t
hat’s why it’s called a day rate.

Can we come in early or the night before to set up?
No. Sessions begin at the time you schedule them.  Much of the engineering work begins as you start setting up so we have to charge for this time.

What should I bring if I record digitally?
Bring your own hard drive to back up the session to at the end of your time here.

Can I bring my own engineer for my sessions?
No, We no longer offer renting RSR to outside engineers. Your session comes with an in-house engineer.

Can we sleep in the studio overnight while working?
No. Outside of an accidental catnap while editing, using the studio as a living space overnight is expressly forbidden.

Is RSR non-smoking?
Yes. There is an ashtray out on the roof deck or you can smoke out front. No smoking in the studio. No vaping either.

How long will it take to record my album?
We don’t know. A well-rehearsed band can lay down most of the basic tracks for an album in three days. Overdubs can take anywhere from one to seven days depending on the amount of work and pickiness. For mixing, budget three hours per song or so at least. A guitarist/singer who has their tunes down can track hours of live stuff in one day, mix it all the same day and have a decent live demo. It really depends what you are looking for. Many of our better songwriter/band projects have taken ten to fourteen days. Some projects go faster. Always add time to your estimates! We’ve made albums in one day and one month. Just don’t try to make The Dark Side of the Moon or Loveless in three days!